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Ecological baby food, as fresh and natural as the one prepared in your own kitchen!



Alimentando un Futuro Sano SL

This Spanish brand is revolutionizing the baby food market with 100% natural products made thanks to the new Cold Pressed technology.

No added sugars, preservatives, additives, salt nor chemicals: 100% natural. These food jars indicated for the first months of babies lives are made with the same love that the ones that a grandmother could prepare for her children. LANANA® is the first Spanish brand to produce fresh baby food, thanks to the use of the High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology, which preserves the flavor, smell, color and all the original nutrients of fruits and vegetables.

The Spanish brand has been launched with six different recipes. Three of them are made with vegetables and the other three with fruit. Their aim is to raise awareness about the importance of having a healthy, varied and nutritious diet, especially in the first months of life. In addition, the food jars are made with top quality fresh products from ecological farms, taking special care over the degree of ripening and the condition of the ingredients, as flavor and organoleptic properties depend on these factors.


The startup was created by a grandmother who, when her granddaughter was born, worried about the possibility of ultra-processed products prevailing in her diet, products that currently fill the shelves of all supermarkets. As a result of thinking about the current offer of children’s food, she wondered whether a jar with a shelf life of several years was natural or why all jars have the same brown color. Then, the need to create LANANA® arose. In that way, the main goal was to make sure the feeding of the youngest was based on real food, with the traditional flavors and the necessary nutrients for the growth and development of the little ones. One day, the founder came back from the supermarket with the shopping basket lacking any jar of baby food, but full of fresh products. She remembered what her mother taught her to cook and what she prepared for her daughters, everything 100% natural. From that moment on, the idea took shape and, shortly, LANANA® was created.


Moreover, the color and smell of these foods are the real ones, the traditional ones. They do not contain cooking water, additives, preservatives, salt, added sugars, nor any kind of chemicals. They do not contain thickeners or starch either. We use seasonal products, like stone fruits or watermelons. These children’s jars weigh 190 grams, the equivalent to a recommended portion for a baby, so that the usual waste of food can be avoided and, in this way, we invest in the sustainability of the planet.

As far as the consumption method is concerned, you just need to take the baby food from the fridge and stir with a spoon. You can have it cold or, in the case of the ones made with vegetables, you can heat them in the microwave for a few seconds. Moreover, the jar is a 100% recyclable and reusable container. LANANA® takes care of the health of the children and the planet and fights for a much healthier future for the next generations.



We are a group of parents and food professionals who agree on the same objective: to promote a healthy diet among the youngest.

Our team includes nutritionists, pediatricians, engineers, food technologists and marketing professionals. All of us are specialized in the food sector.


Telephone: +34 620 730 200

Polígono Industrial Oeste C/Paraguay 7/5 3A
30169 Alcantarilla, Murcia (España)

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